PTA(600t) oxidation reactor completely manufactured in Jiangning Binjiang
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PTA, known as refined terephthalic acid, is one of the important bulk organic raw materials, widely used in chemical fiber, light industry, electronics, construction and other aspects of the national economy. The two oxidation reactors, manufactured by Nanjing Baose, are the key equipment for Jiaxing petrochemical co., LTD. Annual output of 2 million tons PTA project. The main material is titanium steel composite material, the equipment diameter is about 13 meters, the length is more than 20 meters, the volume is nearly 1500 cubic meters, the single weight is about 600 tons. The structure of the two devices is complex, and the usage environment in the future is harsh, the reliability and technical requirements of the equipment is very high, it is quite difficult to manufacture. Baose gives full play to the technical advantages in large special material equipment manufacturing, production personnel and technician analysis and technical breakthrough the difficulty about design, manufacture, testing and other aspects. After 12 months, the manufacture of the equipment was successfully completed.

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