As a non-standard high-end equipment supplier of special materials, Baose promotes the transformation of production and manufacturing mode to the Internet + intelligent manufacturing modern innovative science and technology industry.

The intelligent manufacturing system is established through the industrial cloud innovation service platform ,then it forms the information system of full integration of local network modules and the information system of internet access.

Through the establishment of remote collaborative design system with related units, transform the existing numerical control equipment, add terminal control points and industrial robots, further improve the intelligent manufacturing system.Finally, the industrial cloud platform will provide resource support and service guarantee for the production and operation activities such as R&D, design, processing and manufacturing, operation and management, and make the application of industrial big data throughout the whole process of design, manufacturing, marketing and service, which will become the support for precise and efficient decision-making of production.

Participated in the formulation of standards for zirconium pressure vessel, non-destructive testing of pressure equipment part 7: visual testing, and non-destructive testing of pressure equipment part 8: leakage testing.Participated in the preparation of the handbook of zirconium • hafnium (ISBN 9787122154880).

Company jointly established academician workstation with Central South University and Zhejiang University. Carry out and complete the scene of the large drying devices Inconel600 manufacturing technology research and application, super large composite board equipment localization project, duplex stainless steel gas shielded arc welding technology was studied, different thermal process conditions on the performance of zirconium and organization, influence the effect of austenitic stainless steel weld ferrite content analysis of the technological factors, intergranular corrosion of stainless steel/steel welding cladding sample preparation and result determination, digital and intelligent equipment in nonferrous metal pressure vessel products and welding technology research, advanced processing technology such as 3D printing, flexible forming and other new technology research.

In 2014,company co-built the enterprise graduate workstation with the school of materials and engineering ofJiangsuUniversity ofScience andTechnology, carrying out the research on titanium and titanium alloy laser welding.

Company has undertaken 1 national science and technology plan such as megaton PTA oxidation reactor for PTA engineering, study on automatic plasma welding technology for titanium pressure vessel 7 provincial science and technology projects, more than 30 municipal science and technology projects, such as research on tantalum welding technology.