Company organization cadres conduct special study training
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On June 3, using the Sunday break, the company organized training sessions attended by senior executives, middle-level cadres, and technical staff. Participants carefully studied the group company secretary and chairman Wang Wensheng's series of speeches on opening a new journey of Baoti development, and listened to the lectures of management training experts of Hohai University Business School on improving the manager's ability.

Wu Jiejie, the executive deputy general manager of the company, pointed out at the training meeting that at present, the group company has proposed a series of new ideas, new strategies and new measures for comprehensively deepening reform and innovative development model, and established “building first-class domestic, internationally renowned, and employees have access to The corporate vision of the world's strong titanium industry with a sense of well-being, and the development strategy and specific implementation methods and paths for the new two-step development of Baoti's development. Now with the deepening of various reform measures, the production and operation of the group company and the management mechanism are undergoing profound changes, and preliminary results have been achieved. The changes in the group company also put forward new requirements for the reform and development of our company. At present, our company is in the key development stage of transformation and upgrading, and does not advance or retreat. Although the external market situation of the company is good, the internal competition in the industry is increasingly fierce. We must actively respond to the group company's "innovative business development model". The reform requires that we strive to promote flat management, vigorously develop our superior projects, and boldly explore the reform of the compensation system to further stimulate employee enthusiasm, improve production efficiency, shorten production cycle, reduce production costs, and improve profitability.

Wu Yujie emphasized that we must focus on building a cadre team of “politician quality, entrepreneurial quality, professionalism” and be the leader, promoter and practitioner of deepening reform. Cadres must strengthen their overall awareness, strive to broaden their horizons, improve their personal qualities, actively support and participate in reforms, improve their management capabilities, improve their ability to be able to do things, and ensure the company's goal of achieving this year's goals.

During the study, the participants conducted in-depth analysis and heated discussion on the problems existing in the current development of the company. Everyone said that through this training, I learned about the development strategy and reform measures of the group company, recognized the current development situation of the company, enhanced the sense of responsibility and mission, and further clarified the future work ideas and work priorities, and strengthened. To develop confidence, we must make positive contributions to the development of a new situation in Baoge.