Yan Xiaodong, Chairman of Shanghai Huayi New Materials, visited our company
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On the afternoon of August 4th, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Shanghai Huayi New Materials Co., Ltd. Xiao Xiaodong visited our company and exchanged views on the progress and follow-up arrangements of the MMA project of Shandong Huayi Yuhuang New Materials Co., Ltd. undertaken by our company.

Wu Xiaojie, the general manager of the company, accompanied Xiaodong and his entourage to visit the production site, introduced the development of the company in recent years and reviewed the cooperation projects in the previous period. Chairman Xiao Xiaodong fully affirmed the development of our company in recent years and the capacity of large-scale equipment manufacturing. At the same time, it also introduced the development plan of Huayi New Materials in the next few years. In the next few years, Huayi New Materials will invest tens of billions of yuan in New large-scale chemical projects have been built in various regions of the country, and it is hoped that the two sides will further strengthen cooperation in the future development.

Finally, the two parties held a signing ceremony on the project “Zhejiang Huasheng New Materials Co., Ltd. 450,000 tons/year propane dehydrogenation”.